Dentex Health

Contact: Miss Frankie Giles

65 Curzon Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 02039252678


About Dentex Health

Our Mission is to build a successful, inclusive, co-owned dental business that inspires growth and high standards of clinical practice, while improving the running of practices, creating value and liberating lifestyles.

Collaboration is a key part of our ideology. Creative cooperation can transform a dental business from a good one to a great one. We believe our strength lies in the collective ethos upon which your success depends. Our shared values are the basis of Dentex’s decision-making processes upon which we build a successful partnership.

Our focus is always on what remains important for our partners.

Generosity of spirit

We have a positive outlook and show a readiness to give more than is strictly necessary or expected. We provide compassionate and thoughtful support to each other and our wider community.

Respect for each other

We value diversity, build strong and honest relationships, listen to and appreciate each other’s contributions, and encourage constructive feedback.

Innovation and continuous improvement

We strive towards finding better ways of doing everything and are empowered to find innovative ideas and solutions.

Igniting passion

We believe in what we do and are inspired to create an energetic and enthusiastic community.


We deliver on our promises and hold ourselves accountable. We acknowledge and address difficult situations through open and respectful dialogue. We consistently demonstrate honesty, sincerity and fairness.

Collaborative and communicative engagement

We provide a high contact, inclusive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas with open and honest feedback, listening, and involvement.

Highest ethical standards

We apply the highest standards of professionalism and moral principles every day, acting in the best interests of our community. Trust and transparency are fundamental to everything we do.

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