West Malling Dental

Contact: Mr Alwyn Miller

23-27 Swan Street
23-27 Swan Street
West Malling
ME19 6JU
United Kingdom

Tel: 07966371820

Email: jules29uk@yahoo.com

About West Malling Dental

We are a Progressive, successful, friendly business, situated in a delightful & historic small commuter town in the Kent countryside.

Fully Private for over 25 years, we have a long established reputation for care, skill, innovation and having a great Dental Team- led by the Principal Dr.Miller whose personality is written All over our Friendly, Individual and Independent in the real sense of the word- Intelligent Care. We are focused on All areas of Dentistry- Prevention, Cosmetic, Orthodontic, Implant and Family Dentistry.

We are Innovative and open minded in terms of finding ever better Treatment and true to our hearts when it comes to providing great Care with a Capital C!

We combine enthusiasm, ongoing creative Treatment Philosophy and hence betterment. We thrive on very much enjoying our relationships with patients and relaxing into the zone of greater ease in dexterity that underpins actually enjoying the actual manual skills.

Dental Surgery should be enjoyable and Fun!

We also use Dental Photography as our mainstay for patient led education, enthusiasm and thus a natural treatment uptake.

We are Inspired by People and Every area of Dentistry- taking an Individual Approach to find the best treatment for each person- rather than a one size fits All repetitive Dentistry. 

We have a long established reputation for providing this personal bespoke care and are also delighted to be attracting many new young professionals, providing essential and confident lifestyle dentistry for All Age groups. We emphasise building a great Dentist/Patient relationship and provide the extra reassurance and positive care for many friendly established patients.

 We also enjoy the benefits of a Creative Practice Director- who was a Dentist himself and includes his own photographic, film and design skills into our site. We are not afraid to innovate and improve on standard protocols and to provide the best individual inspiration and care assisted by we hope one of the best practice websites in the country.

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