Acorn Dental Practice (York) ltd

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44 York Road
North Yorkshire
YO24 4LZ

Maxine Flynn has owned Acorn Dental Practice since 1998 initially an NHS practice but converted it to all Private in 2004. The ethos of the practice is to provide high quality care starting from the gums up. Patients being encouraged to join a care plan that suits their individual needs. Different plans are provided to patients who need different levels of gum treatments. This has led to virtually all patients being part of the practice's DPAS plans., most of the care being provided by our hygienist and dental therapist. This has lead to more regular attendance of patients and a great improvement in their dental health , enabling more complex treatments to be done.

The practice provides near 100% aesthetic restorations, Amalgam is only used when conditions are greatly compromised. Most endodontic treatments are done in house, referrals to local endodontists only for very complex cases. 

We are in the process of buying a Primescan Digital scanner as we move to provide Aligner treatments- we have not done so up to now so there are a number of patients waiting for us to start. Dentsply are providing training free of charge to ourslves as part of our package and there is support as we move forwards with more complex cases. 

The plan moving forwards is to only use impressions for denture work, all other lab work being scanned. Scans for Ortho, Bleaching trays and nightguards will be done by members of the dental team , leaving the dentist to do the more difficult work. The Dental therapist also does simple cons treatment under the prescription of the dentist, providing further income to the clinician and allowing us to charge the patient less. We also have a visiting Clinical Dental Technician who works on his own patients but is happy to do work that the dentists would rather not.

The practice has a great team of experienced staff, they work in a team to provide an pleasant , efficient environment for patients and dentists. We are known in the community as being a caring , friendly practice that provides painless , quality dentistry. 

The practice is modern, well maintained and has a Decontamination suite with dirty and clean sides as per Gold standard regulations. CQCs inspections have been passed with flying colours.

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