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  • SPONSORED: Dental implants: The benefits and opportunities

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Darshan Boindala

    The field of implantology is full of potential for dental professionals. 

  • SPONSORED: Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out*…

    • 17 Jun 2022

    As dental life returns to something like normal it is good to take some time to reflect on what has happened over the past two years

  • Jai Prathap Reddy

    SPONSORED: Mentoring Matters

    • 6 May 2022

    Jai Prathap Reddy is a partner and principal dentist at Cromwell Place Implant and Laser Dental Practice in Cambridgeshire and is a director and mentor at Dental Routes.

  • SPONSORED: Which dental implantology course is best for me?

    • 25 Nov 2021
    • Jai Prathap Reddy

    Implantology is an exciting and rewarding branch of dentistry and the patient benefits are considerable. The educational pathway chosen by the dental practitioner needs careful thought.

  • SPONSORED: Careers with Mydentist

    • 22 Jun 2020
    • MyDentist

    During COVID-19 our number 1 priority has been to protect the safety of all of our colleagues, as well as their livelihoods.