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  • SPONSORED: Burgess & Hyder Opportunities for Dentists Moving to Private Practice

    • 11 Aug 2021

    Dentists looking to further their career need look no further than the Burgess & Hyder Group of practices.

  • SPONSORED: What’s it like to be an NEBDN Course Provider?

    • 20 Apr 2021
    • Ellen Davison

    Ellen Davison, Manager of Dental Nursing and Technology at Leeds Dental Institute, shares her experience working as a course provider for NEBDN whilst navigating through a global pandemic. Ellen shares information on how Leeds Dental Institute run their courses and how they operate a successful business.

  • SPONSORED: Clinical Led Careers with Rodericks

    • 12 Mar 2021

    It is common knowledge within dental communities that Rodericks is different than any other dental corporate and what sets Rodericks apart from everyone else is that we are ‘Clinically Led’ and everything that we do is driven by this ethos which supports our vision, mission and values ensuring that we focus on support, development, quality and outstanding performance.

  • SPONSORED: Bupa Dental Care

    • 12 Mar 2021
    • Sarah Ramage – Clinical Director Bupa Dental Care

    Across the dental industry, the last year has been a time of significant change for our customers, people, and operations.  As a business we have managed to adapt to this change quickly whilst ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff remains a top priority.

  • SPONSORED: Careers with Lumino Dental Care

    • 6 Dec 2020
    • Lumino Dental Care

    Aotearoa New Zealand has always enjoyed a reputation for ‘liveability’ due to our beautiful natural scenery and relaxed, welcoming culture. During a global pandemic, our remote location creates a safehaven where residents can still enjoy a relatively unimpeded lifestyle.

  • SPONSORED: Careers with Mydentist

    • 22 Jun 2020
    • MyDentist

    During COVID-19 our number 1 priority has been to protect the safety of all of our colleagues, as well as their livelihoods.