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  • BDJ Portfolio logo

    A collection on the recruitment and retention crisis in dentistry

    • 26 Jul 2023
    • Alison Price

    A series of articles by different authors examining the state of recruitment and retention in dentistry published on the BDJ site

  • BDJ Jobs

    Watch the BDJ Jobs recruitment webinar

    • 20 May 2022

    In this webinar, our expert panel from across the dental sector will discuss the state of recruitment in the UK dental sector.

  • Ensuring that dental recruitment and job search is accessible to all

    • 17 Mar 2021
    • Alison Price

    Our job site is the most accessible jobs board in the dental sector. It's important to us to be inclusive and accessible to all our jobseekers and recruiters, and wanted to share our platform updates.

  • James Goldman, Associate Director of Advisory Serv

    Will dental recruitment market survive coronavirus pandemic?

    • 15 Apr 2020
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    Here Adrian O'Dowd provides a view on how the virus impacting the dental recruitment market, interviewing James Goldman from the British Dental Association, Kelly Saxby, Green Apple Dental Recruitment and Paul Holborn from Blue Sky People