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    Five inspiring articles about working in dentistry

    • 8 Aug 2023
    • Alison Price

    These articles were first published in BDJ Team and cover many different aspects and opinion about working in the dental sector.

  • BDJ Team’s CPD collection 2023

    • 26 Jul 2023
    • Alison Price

    Access to articles that have been published on BDJ Team in 2023. Each article features one hour of free CPD for dental care professionals.

  • Facial aesthetics – a boom market for the times?

    • 26 Aug 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    We asked Dr Jenny Albiston, a practising Dentist and Fellow of the College of General Dentistry who sits on the College’s programme board for its certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, and Dr Georgiana Barton, a general dental practitioner for {my}dentist who has a special interest in facial aesthetics, how the facial aesthetics market is evolving and how the profession should react to it.

  • Sharps disposable bin and needles

    Ensuring safe sharps management

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • Rebecca Waters | Category Manager, Initial Medical, Hampshire, UK

    Sharps and needlestick injuries continue to be a primary occupational hazard for healthcare workers around the world.

  • Josie Malone-Griffiths at work as a dental nurse

    The dental nurse who sings in a band

    • 20 Jul 2022
    • Kate Quinlan, BDJ Team Editor

    Josie Malone-Griffiths, 36, combines being a dental nurse with motherhood, bartending, and being the lead singer in a band.

  • Bee Keeper, Amanda Lindley

    Managing eight surgeries and 50,000 bees

    • 19 Jul 2022
    • Kate Quinlan, BDJ Team Editor

    Amanda Lindley has worked in dentistry for 32 years. Originally a dental nurse, Amanda now manages a 'super busy' eight-surgery practice in Formby, Merseyside. Outside work, she is a beekeeper and supplies her practice with a steady stream of honey.