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  • It's important to know what the benefits are and what you are entitled too, particularly if you are thinking about, or are already in the 2015 NHS Pensions scheme (for dentists who working in England and Wales).
  • As dental corporate firms are increasing their slice of the market, it appears that younger dentists are increasingly being drawn to what they see as attractive job opportunities.
  • The recent joint statement of the UK’s statutory health regulators, including the GDC, Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner [1] asserts their encouragement to registrants to be reflective practitioners.
  • Comprehensive, contractual and bespoke professional liability insurance, plus dentist-led advice and resources.
  • You’re ecstatic. You’ve just received a letter confirming an offer of your dream associate position. The contract is enclosed and you are asked to sign and return a copy, demonstrating your acceptance of the post, without delay.
  • The first year of the GDC’s enhanced CPD scheme has now come to an end. You will know that the new scheme saw changes to the required number of verifiable CPD hours and a mandatory requirement to have a personal development plan (PDP) in place.
  • ​I used to wonder 'Why would anyone want more than one job?'
  • The BDA have just released their ‘Here for you’ report, setting out the ways in which they’ve been busily helping their members and the wider dental profession in the last 12 months.
  • by Neeta Udhain, a practice management consultant in the BDA’s Practice Support team. Neeta advises general dental practitioners on associate contracts and all aspects of employment law
  • Video testimonials to help you decide if community dentistry, NHS dentistry, specialisation or working abroad is right for you. As well as tips to help you get ahead.
  • Here you'll find a selection of videos we hope will help you in the early stages of your career.
  • ​As any health professional will you tell you, recruitment, retention and access are intimately linked. We want this profession to succeed, and to deliver the very best for its patients. It's why each year we ask our members for their feedback on pay and on morale.
  • Every dentist has a story. We want to hear yours. We want to show what dentistry looks like in 2017 – and celebrate the clinicians, the teachers and the innovators that make up the profession.
  • After being moved by stories and images of individuals and families fleeing war and persecution in their home countries, BDA Officer Judith Husband decided to take her dental skills to Greece...
  • The last thing you’re going to be thinking of when you start your first job is saving for your retirement.
  • Dentistry has quite a lot to celebrate in terms of the roles women have played in its development and also the huge contributions they make today in the profession.