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  • A corporate calling

    • 10 Nov 2017
    • David Payne

    Corporates offer workplace flexibility, peer support, opportunities to specialise, and a chance to focus on clinical dentistry rather than admin, marketing, and CQC inspections, but the sector has traditionally struggled to be seen as a good career option.

  • Mike Pemberton

    A career in oral medicine

    • 10 Nov 2017
    • David Payne

    Mike Pemberton is a Consultant in Oral Medicine at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and a member of the Trust’s Management Board.

  • BDA Logo

    Working abroad

    • 10 Oct 2017
    • James Dawson, Head of Advice Publications, BDA

    Dental skills are global, giving you the option of working in another country at some point during your career. Allowing you to broaden your horizons by gaining professional experience abroad.

  • Interviewing for an associate job

    Interviewing for an associate job

    • 24 Sep 2017

    Interviewing for an associate job

  • Jacqui Elsden

    A dental nurse can achieve success at Master's level

    • 21 Sep 2017
    • Kate Quinlan

    Jacqui Elsden started out as a dental nurse but is now a Dental Education Facilitator and studying for a Master’s degree.

  • From Cumbria to Cornwall

    • 14 Sep 2017
    • David Payne

    Vipul Modi was on a five-week holiday in June this year when he planned his latest career move, much of it arranged over two days from a beach in Thailand.

  • Working in UK dentistry from overseas

    • 1 Sep 2017
    • Ulrike Matthesius

    If you are thinking of coming to work as a dentist in the UK from overseas you must consider the issues of professional registration, immigration requirements, any additional training that is needed and the professional standards and regulation of dentistry in the UK.

  • Bamburgh Castle Beach, Northumberland

    Considering a move to the North East?

    • 31 Aug 2017
    • Jonathan, Specialty Registrar

    Jobs in dentistry in the North East are less competitive than in other regions. There is strong support from Local Dental Committees and well-developed Local Dental Networks for dentists in practice.

  • Finding the right job

    • 17 Aug 2017
    • David Westgarth

    Taking the plunge and committing to searching for another job isn’t always the easiest to make. It’s a leap into the unknown for starters and there’s always that nagging feeling that the grass isn’t always greener. However, once you’ve taken that leap, you often wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

  • Same but different: UK dentists overseas

    • 17 Aug 2017

    For Leigh Bayliss, Airlie Beach, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands, wasn’t such a bad introduction to Australia...

  • Giles McCracken

    A masterclass in mentoring

    • 17 Aug 2017
    • David Payne

    Giles McCracken, who is based at Newcastle University and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is helping the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow develop its mentoring programme. He also chairs the British Dental Association’s committee for academic dentists.

  • Yasmin Aydin

    Dental Hygienist and Therapist Careers

    • 2 Jul 2017
    • Yasmin Aydin

    Yasmin Aydin secured a place at dental school by first completing a degree in dental hygiene and therapy. She is now an undergraduate dental student and the first student to Chair a Section of the British Dental Association (BDA).

  • BDJ Jobs

    Dental Technician Careers

    • 31 May 2017
    • Kate Quinlan

    Willette Jean Lati is a 26-year-old dental technician and Clear Aligner Department Assistant Manager at NimroDental Orthodontic Solutions in London.

  • We are dentistry

    • 25 May 2017

    Every dentist has a story. We want to hear yours. We want to show what dentistry looks like in 2017 – and celebrate the clinicians, the teachers and the innovators that make up the profession.

  • Recruitment agencies: 10 top tips for jobseeking dental professionals

    • 6 Mar 2017
    • David Payne

    Need some helping landing your next dream job? Let a recruitment agency do the heavy lifting.

  • BDJ Jobs

    Dental Therapist Careers

    • 1 Mar 2017
    • Maddy Johnson

    Dental therapist Maddy Johnson, 22, who lives in Leeds, went from VT to a four-month intensive training programme with IMI Clinics in Italy.

  • The benefits of postgraduate education

    • 19 Jan 2017
    • James Dawson

    Clearly there are large numbers of dentists studying for postgraduate qualifications. What particular benefits might they bring to an individual? 

  • The right new job for you? A seven-step checklist for finding an enjoyable and rewarding dental job

    • 6 Jan 2017
    • Helen Burgess

    Sometimes it is very tempting to take the first job you are offered, especially if you have been searching for a long time or if the thought of being out of work for a long time is a difficult prospect. Read on for a guide of how to decide whether the job is right for you or not.

  • Rosalyn Davies

    Dental Nurse Careers

    • 1 Jan 2017
    • Kate Quinlan

    Rosalyn Davies explains to BDJ Team how she progressed from being a trainee dental nurse in 1983 to being the first DCP President of the British Society of Gerodontology (BSG) in 2017.

  • Get involved with the BDA

    Take control of your future: Get involved with the BDA

    • 31 Oct 2016

    Young dentists face so many pressures in the modern dentistry world. Dentists are graduating with limited clinical experience, whilst patient expectations and demands are at their peak. Accompanied with rising indemnity costs and GDC fees and increased student debt, it can be a tough environment to work within.