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  • 7 tips for job-seeking associates

    • 20 Sep 2019
    • Neeta Udhian

    When seeking your next associate position, there are several factors to take into account. Here are my top seven to consider

  • Reflective practice and CPD

    Reflective practice and CPD

    • 21 Aug 2019

    The recent joint statement of the UK’s statutory health regulators, including the GDC, Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner [1] asserts their encouragement to registrants to be reflective practitioners.

  • Issues to consider when negotiating the length of a lease

    • 18 Jun 2019

    Recent research by BNP Paribas Real Estate has shown that the average length of new commercial leases in the UK is 7.1 years. Statistics don’t tell you how long you should go for with your practice’s lease, however, when thinking about this there are a number of factors that you ought to consider.

  • The mouth care lead nurse

    • 7 Jun 2019
    • Sarah Haslam

    Sarah Haslam, the Mouth Care Matters lead for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, describes her work and explains why more work needs to be done to bring recognition to the role.

  • BDA Indemnity

    New BDA Indemnity

    • 5 Jun 2019

    Comprehensive, contractual and bespoke professional liability insurance, plus dentist-led advice and resources.

  • Practice Management: What you can do about a price rise

    • 5 Jun 2019

    Claire is a practice management consultant in the BDA Practice Support Team, she qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and advises general dental practitioners on associate contracts and a wide range of employment and other law

  • Overseas dentists – the skills needed for UK working

    • 1 Apr 2019
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    The dentistry workforce in the UK has an international flavour and a significant minority is made up of practitioners who trained outside of the country.

  • Associate Agreements – Harsh Terms to Watch Out For

    • 22 Mar 2019

    You’re ecstatic. You’ve just received a letter confirming an offer of your dream associate position. The contract is enclosed and you are asked to sign and return a copy, demonstrating your acceptance of the post, without delay.

  • Inderpreet Singh Kambo

    Career Paths - From Dentistry to Data Intelligence

    • 8 Mar 2019
    • Inderpreet Singh Kambo

    Inderpreet Singh Kambo shares with us the story of his transition from being a dentist to becoming a management consultant.

  • BDJ Jobs Logo

    Postcode search: Why you should be using it when searching for your next dental job

    • 5 Feb 2019
    • Helen Burgess

    Have a happier commute with BDJ Jobs.

  • BDA

    CPD checklist – What you should do

    • 25 Jan 2019
    • James Dawson, Head of Advice Publications in the Practice Support Team at the BDA

    The first year of the GDC’s enhanced CPD scheme has now come to an end. You will know that the new scheme saw changes to the required number of verifiable CPD hours and a mandatory requirement to have a personal development plan (PDP) in place.

  • Alpesh Khetia, a dentist and director with Roderic

    New year, new job?

    • 16 Jan 2019
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    The beginning of a new year can trigger a desire for change and something new, which can easily apply to work, but what is the best way to secure a new job?

  • A new life abroad

    • 27 Nov 2018
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    Dentistry has long been a profession in demand across the globe.

  • What is a 'portfolio career' in dentistry?

    • 22 Nov 2018
    • Jonathan Lewney, BDJ Portfolio Associate Editor

    ​I used to wonder 'Why would anyone want more than one job?'

  • Supporting you throughout your career

    • 7 Nov 2018

    The BDA have just released their ‘Here for you’ report, setting out the ways in which they’ve been busily helping their members and the wider dental profession in the last 12 months.

  • Upload Your CV

    • 23 Oct 2018

    With 5,500+ registered recruiters, BDJ Jobs can do some of the hard work for you by allowing BDA Member recruiters to view your CV. 

  • Tips for making your CV stand out from the crowd

    • 18 Oct 2018

    In certain areas of the country, the job that you are applying for will have lots of other applicants as well as yourself and the employer will be reading a lot of similar CVs. So how do you make yours stand out?

  • Does corporate dentistry offer the best of all worlds?

    • 12 Oct 2018
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    Corporates are a growing part of the dental landscape in the UK and can offer many attractive benefits for dentists young and old, but do they offer the best of all worlds?

  • Mediation is considered a win/win solution


    • 11 Sep 2018
    • Neeta Udhian

    by Neeta Udhain, a practice management consultant in the BDA’s Practice Support team. Neeta advises general dental practitioners on associate contracts and all aspects of employment law

  • Considering a career in...

    • 13 Aug 2018

    Video testimonials to help you decide if community dentistry, NHS dentistry, specialisation or working abroad is right for you. As well as tips to help you get ahead.