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  • Resurgent dental property market adapting after recent turbulent years

    • 14 Jun 2024
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    The economic turbulence of recent years over interest rates and cost of living was felt universally. Despite this, the dental practice sales market has survived surprisingly well.

  • The big question: Is property a good investment?

    • 14 Jun 2024
    • Tim Collyer

    Tim Collyer, Chartered Financial Planner, writes: One cold morning, I was setting up the dining room for expected guests when the phone rang. My tenants were on the line, stranded in a cold house with a faulty heating system.

  • How well do dental groups look after dentists?

    • 12 Apr 2024
    • Adrian O’Dowd

    Given the current shortage of dentists willing to do NHS work in the UK, businesses know how important it is to look after the people who choose to work with them. Dental groups are making it as attractive as possible for dentists considering working with them.

  • BDJ Jobs logo

    We’re now highlighting BDA Good Practice on our site

    • 8 Mar 2024
    • Alison Price

    The British Dental Association's Good Practice programme ensures a level of quality assurance for dental teams in the practice. It allows practice team to let patients know that there is an ongoing commitment to good practice standards and abiding by professional and legal responsibilities.

  • SPONSORED: UK-wide talks with leading industry speakers, tailored for Principal Dentists

    • 23 Feb 2024

    We know that the day-to-day challenges of running a practice can make it all but impossible to think about your financial future

  • SPONSORED: Huge changes to the Lifetime Allowance

    • 13 Feb 2024

    Well, it looks like 2024 has started with a bang: here at Montgomery Charles, we have identified a policy change that could have enormous implications for anyone hoping to make the most of their retirement.

  • Petition: Save NHS dentistry and make it fit for the 21st century

    • 9 Feb 2024

    The BDA have joined forces with the Daily Mirror and 38 Degrees to call for real change.

  • Additional job advertising benefits for BDA Expert members

    • 15 Jan 2024
    • Alison Price

    Good news - here's another reason to become a BDA Expert member and enjoy additional benefits and savings on job advertising.

  • More savvy buyers emerging in a stabilising dental property market

    • 24 Nov 2023
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    After the widespread upheavals of the past few years, the dental property market is changing with buyers becoming increasingly savvy, and careful, about what they want to secure amid tough economic realities.

  • BDA logo

    How to find the best recruitment agency for your practice

    • 15 Aug 2023
    • James Goldman | Associate Director of Advisory Services, BDA

    Recruitment agencies can provide an indispensable service when finding staff becomes difficult. We examine how to avoid the pitfalls and pick the right agency for your practice.

  • BDJ Portfolio logo

    Five inspiring articles about working in dentistry

    • 8 Aug 2023
    • Alison Price

    These articles were first published in BDJ Team and cover many different aspects and opinion about working in the dental sector.

  • BDJ Team’s CPD collection 2023

    • 26 Jul 2023
    • Alison Price

    Access to articles that have been published on BDJ Team in 2023. Each article features one hour of free CPD for dental care professionals.

  • BDJ Portfolio logo

    A collection on the recruitment and retention crisis in dentistry

    • 26 Jul 2023
    • Alison Price

    A series of articles by different authors examining the state of recruitment and retention in dentistry published on the BDJ site

  • SPONSORED: Joining Damira Dental Studios

    • 19 Jul 2023

    If you are passionate about dentistry and are interested in discussing potential opportunities at Damira Dental Studios, contact their recruitment business partner today.

  • Is starting at a dental group a good idea for newly qualified dentists?

    • 9 Jun 2023
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    The current dental market is far from steady in terms of employment and patient access. So for newly qualified dentists weighing up their options, working with dental corporates is a direction some are considering carefully.

  • BDJ Jobs logo

    Masterclass: How to create the perfect CV to apply for jobs

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    Adrian O'Dowd gathers first-rate tips and advice from recruitment experts on how to have the best possible CV and make yourself stand out in the crowd to employers.

  • BDA logo

    A different type of associate and practice owner relationship

    • 18 Nov 2022
    • James Goldman | Associate Director of Advisory Services, BDA

    Read the advice from James Goldman, Associate Director of Advisory Services at the BDA following a recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The BDA is advising practice owners and associates to review their contracts to make sure they are fit for purpose.

  • Facial aesthetics – a boom market for the times?

    • 26 Aug 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    We asked Dr Jenny Albiston, a practising Dentist and Fellow of the College of General Dentistry who sits on the College’s programme board for its certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, and Dr Georgiana Barton, a general dental practitioner for {my}dentist who has a special interest in facial aesthetics, how the facial aesthetics market is evolving and how the profession should react to it.

  • Sharps disposable bin and needles

    Ensuring safe sharps management

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • Rebecca Waters | Category Manager, Initial Medical, Hampshire, UK

    Sharps and needlestick injuries continue to be a primary occupational hazard for healthcare workers around the world.

  • Josie Malone-Griffiths at work as a dental nurse

    The dental nurse who sings in a band

    • 20 Jul 2022
    • Kate Quinlan, BDJ Team Editor

    Josie Malone-Griffiths, 36, combines being a dental nurse with motherhood, bartending, and being the lead singer in a band.