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  • BDJ Jobs

    Watch the BDJ Jobs recruitment webinar

    • 20 May 2022

    In this webinar, our expert panel from across the dental sector will discuss the state of recruitment in the UK dental sector.

  • Facial aesthetics – a boom market for the times?

    • 26 Aug 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    We asked Dr Jenny Albiston, a practising Dentist and Fellow of the College of General Dentistry who sits on the College’s programme board for its certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, and Dr Georgiana Barton, a general dental practitioner for {my}dentist who has a special interest in facial aesthetics, how the facial aesthetics market is evolving and how the profession should react to it.

  • SPONSORED: Portman and Dentex Merger

    • 25 Aug 2022

    The senior management teams of Portman Dental Care and Dentex are delighted to announce their entry into a definitive transaction agreement regarding the merger of their businesses.

  • Sharps disposable bin and needles

    Ensuring safe sharps management

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • Rebecca Waters | Category Manager, Initial Medical, Hampshire, UK

    Sharps and needlestick injuries continue to be a primary occupational hazard for healthcare workers around the world.

  • Josie Malone-Griffiths at work as a dental nurse

    The dental nurse who sings in a band

    • 20 Jul 2022
    • Kate Quinlan, BDJ Team Editor

    Josie Malone-Griffiths, 36, combines being a dental nurse with motherhood, bartending, and being the lead singer in a band.

  • Bee Keeper, Amanda Lindley

    Managing eight surgeries and 50,000 bees

    • 19 Jul 2022
    • Kate Quinlan, BDJ Team Editor

    Amanda Lindley has worked in dentistry for 32 years. Originally a dental nurse, Amanda now manages a 'super busy' eight-surgery practice in Formby, Merseyside. Outside work, she is a beekeeper and supplies her practice with a steady stream of honey.

  • SPONSORED: Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out*…

    • 17 Jun 2022

    As dental life returns to something like normal it is good to take some time to reflect on what has happened over the past two years

  • SPONSORED: Mentoring Matters

    • 6 May 2022

    Jai Prathap Reddy is a partner and principal dentist at Cromwell Place Implant and Laser Dental Practice in Cambridgeshire and is a director and mentor at Dental Routes.

  • Getting the best jobs in a candidate-driven market

    • 22 Apr 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    Lisa McCusker, Recruitment Team Leader and Locum Specialist at Dental Elite, tells Adrian O'Dowd how dental professionals can seek out the best jobs, present themselves well and secure the most desirable posts.

  • Portman Dental Care stands united with the people of Ukraine

    • 28 Mar 2022

    Here at Portman, we know that everyone in our community, both colleagues and patients, shares our concern and worry at the events that have unfolded in Ukraine. The impact of the situation has been far reaching and continues to escalate and affect more and more people.

  • Dental corporates pledging support for dentists rebuilding in a post-covid market

    • 11 Mar 2022
    • Adrian O'Dowd

    Dentistry is seeking to get back to 2019 patterns of work and levels of service provision since the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, and some dentists are choosing to work with the dental groups or corporates to help them and their patients get back on track.

  • The Campbell Academy

    SPONSORED: Your Dental Implant Education Journey

    • 21 Feb 2022
    • Andrew Legg

    Advances in digital technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality are starting to infiltrate into our everyday lives and dentistry is no different.

  • SPONSORED: Your career pathway in restorative and aesthetic dentistry

    • 11 Feb 2022
    • Dominic Hassall BDS MSc FDS RCPS (Glasg) MRD RCS (Edin) FDS RCS (Rest Dent) Eng PGCLTHE

    Restorative and aesthetic dentistry is the mainstay of private practice and with increasing demand for these procedures coupled with increasing patient aesthetic expectations there has never been a more important time to invest in postgraduate education.

  • SPONSORED: New year, new challenge

    • 11 Feb 2022

    General dental practitioners who are seeking to improve competitive advantage, job satisfaction and the patient experience can now access a unique blend of online and in-person teaching, designed to introduce them to the highly rewarding field of implant dentistry.

  • How dental education can be delivered successfully online

    • 11 Feb 2022
    • Fred Singer

    It is likely that some dental schools will be delivering a mix of in-person and online learning in the 2021/22 academic year as the higher education sector continues to emerge from the pandemic.

  • BDJ Jobs logo

    Download our free white paper on the state of the UK dentistry recruitment market

    • 22 Dec 2021
    • Alison Price

    Our latest report provides you with comprehensive analysis of dental jobs right across the UK.

  • SPONSORED: Which dental implantology course is best for me?

    • 25 Nov 2021
    • Jai Prathap Reddy

    Implantology is an exciting and rewarding branch of dentistry and the patient benefits are considerable. The educational pathway chosen by the dental practitioner needs careful thought.

  • BDJ Jobs logo

    Get more impact from your advertising on our site

    • 8 Oct 2021
    • Alison Price

    By making updates and improvements to our sites we are aiming to make advertising with us more effective for you. In this short article we've highlighted the latest changes and show you how your media spend investment will be more effective.

  • Safeguarding your dental business for your family

    • 4 Oct 2021
    • Victoria Michell, Practice Management Consultant, and Tom King, Senior Policy Adviser, British Dental Association

    We’ve heard stories about NHS contracts in England and Wales being terminated on the death of a contractor, leaving families facing financial difficulties on top of everything else. Here’s what you can do to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • Dentistry, tweakments and the Zoom-boom

    • 13 Aug 2021
    • Len D’Cruz, Head of BDA Indemnity

    More than ever, according to The Telegraph[1], patients are seeking ‘tweakments’; treatments involving sympathetic and gentle changes to facial features usually using botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.