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Written by: Dominic Hassall BDS MSc FDS RCPS (Glasg) MRD RCS (Edin) FDS RCS (Rest Dent) Eng PGCLTHE
Published on: 11 Feb 2022


Dominic Hassall is a Restorative, Prosthodontic and Periodontal Specialist and Director of the Dominic Hassall Training Institute (DHTI)


My philosophy for contemporary clinical practice

I constantly evaluate materials and techniques challenging outdated concepts which has led to the DHTI becoming regarded as a world leader in restorative aesthetic dentistry including occlusal, composite and ceramic techniques and comprehensive risk based diagnosis as the basis for long term predictability.

We are at the forefront of minimally invasive ceramics that demonstrate outstanding success rates and aesthetics and the Bioclear warmed monolithic overbuild composite technique which has become the gold standard for procedures from black triangle closure to full mouth tooth wear rehabilitation.  This is an area where traditional composite techniques demonstrate limited aesthetics with high failure and maintenance rates.

My 2 part BDJ occlusion series has been widely adopted as the definitive guide to evidence based safe and predictable handling of the occlusal vertical dimension.

Spending the majority of my time in specialist clinical practice for over two decades and  being referred the failure’s I know what works and what doesn’t.

Benefits of online blended clinical education?

I have been a hospital restorative consultant and university professor and established the UK’s first MSc in restorative and cosmetic dentistry but felt a new approach to the delivery of education was required so established the DHTI and the online blended format. The DHTI was the first independent UK teaching establishment to embrace this format over 7 years ago. We still offer the traditional format for those who prefer to learn is this way, but increasingly dentists prefer the online blended format.

Theoretical course components are available online allowing access on any device at a time convenient to you and you can simply replay if you don’t understand any areas. Time away from clinical practice is minimised and loss of income, travel time and hotel costs. In the current COVID era as you can complete much of the course from your own home.

Online supporting materials such as key papers can be accessed and we have also developed hours of high quality online practical videos in subjects such as occlusal techniques and splint fitting to watch and review whenever you wish.

Hands on training is essential

Dentistry is a practical career so hands on training is essential.  At the DHTI we work in small groups of no more than 12 with your own “work pod” allowing individual attention and social distancing.

Mentoring and career progression

To transform your confidence and skills clinical mentoring is essential. DHTI provide online mentoring which is easy once you have a reasonable grasp of photography and the majority of case advice is undertaken online.

Discussion forums

DHTI encourage the exchange of ideas and discussion so we have an online discussion forum which allows you access to me and other students if you have questions or queries.

Progression to Diploma or MSc

Online mentoring allows you to develop a clinical portfolio of cases and progress to a diploma. The most rewarding part of teaching is seeing students develop a portfolio and how this improves their career progression, satisfaction and income. We also link with the University of Kent if you wish to go onto a master’s programme.

The DHTI Alumni and our community

Dentistry is constantly evolving and the alumni allows access to my lectures and updates via a range of online methods including access to the latest lectures, podcasts and my latest clinical publications. This can be accessed from your own home and gains you CPD.

Visit the evidence based toolkit

We offer a range of short highly practical courses and our flagship restorative aesthetic course is available in blended and traditional formats. To experience the quality of our courses we have developed a free educational toolkit at DHTI.co.uk so why not join over 1000 progressive dentists to experience to quality of our courses.

What do our students say

I wanted to do the Residential course first but they didn’t have enough space, so they offered me the online course and I thought, I would rather do that than wait another year.  Initially I was a little bit sceptical but to my surprise I really enjoyed it. The beauty about the online course was that you can go through it again.

The practical side of the course consolidated what you learnt with the lectures.

At the end of the day as dentists we do everything with our hands and if we are not doing that at this stage, then we can’t fully learn.

Dominic’s teaching style is unique and very relaxed. I think you can learn a lot from him, a lot of younger dentists can aspire to work with their patients in a very similar way to Dominic.

You should do this course if you are a dentist, because this course offered you old techniques mixed in with very new techniques.

The course offers you practical everyday dentistry and also offers you let’s say the dentistry you would like to do, let’s say once or twice every 6 months.

It wasn't just a case of this is the brand that we use and you must use that, Dominic was really good at giving different examples of different brands to use whatever your sort of practice can afford.

You can go away feeling, yes, I have learned something in that one week, and also in the months prior to that, it has just been a great learning curve and at the end you come away with a lot of information, a lot of knowledge and a good amount of experience.