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Published on: 23 Mar 2022

Patient awareness continues to grow of the benefits delivered by implant-supported prostheses.  Dental implants can help to restore confidence, comfort, function and aesthetics for many people with missing or failing natural teeth.  General dental practitioners who are keen to find out more about the highly rewarding field of dental implantology can now access a unique blend of online and in-person teaching, designed to introduce them to this rapidly growing branch of dentistry.

Bookings are being taken for the Dental RoutesTM Certificate in Dental Implantology, which begins in April 2022.  Suitable for general dental practitioners with no prior knowledge of implants, this foundation-level programme is designed to give dentists the confidence to begin treatment planning, placing and restoring simple cases.  


Independent perspectives and insights 

Delivered by a team of internationally renowned speakers and mentors, the programme offers independent perspectives from some of the world’s most eminent practitioners with many years’ experience.  Students are also treated to insights into the latest cutting-edge techniques and technological advancements, such as laser dentistry and innovations in the digital workflow.

However, the real strength of the Dental Routes’ approach is the local support provided to students after the taught programme.  All participants are assigned a dedicated local mentor who will work with them to oversee the planning, placement and restoration of three implant cases.  The mentee’s nurse is also welcome to attend and observe at no additional charge.  

Foundation for long-term partnership

The Dental Routes mentoring scheme is designed to support the budding implantologist and build the foundations for a mutually beneficial long-term sustainable partnership, to maximise clinical outcomes and enhance the patient journey.  According to Dr Petros Mapanda from The Lawns Dental Practice in Spalding, “The course has enabled me to offer more practical choices to my patients, as I now feel confident to undertake simple implant cases.  I am also satisfied that when difficult cases arise, I am supported by a network of mentors who are able to collaborate with me which, in turn, leads to a better patient experience overall.”

The holistic programme and wide range of clinical and business perspectives are also proving to be an attractive proposition for students.  Dr Krishna Dass of Smile Suffolk in Ipswich says, “What I found to be fascinating about this course was the diverse range of qualified speakers, alongside the mentor’s passion to teach and share the knowledge they have accumulated over many years.”  

Topics range from anatomy and asepsis, through to occlusion, restorative complications, guided bone regeneration and soft tissue management.  The digital workflow is a prominent feature of the syllabus, and the programme also addresses the full range of non-clinical considerations such as the patient journey, ethics and implant practice marketing.  

Confidence building

Dental Routes aims to bridge the gap between equipment and knowledge, providing a pathway to lifelong learning for ambitious dental professionals to help them to discover their full potential.  

Krishna Dass concludes, “I saw the Dental Routes course as a means for me to gain more confidence to begin placing implants.  There are many courses out there, however, the programme benefits from the hands-on, mentor-led training that not all offer.”

Dental RoutesTM is at the forefront of delivering independent, multidiscipline training covering the full spectrum of dentistry, with programmes designed to inform, educate and empower students.  Any dental professional can join the Dental Routes community.  Registration is free and provides access to an online library of webinars and educational resources, networking opportunities and member-exclusive rates for courses.  

General dental practitioners thinking of taking the first steps into implantology can register for the 2022 Certificate programme by emailing hello@dentalroutes.org or visiting www.dentalroutes.org/implantology.  

For a glimpse into the exciting field of implantology, any would-be student can also observe implant treatment being carried out by one of the Dental Routes mentors at their clinic.  Call or WhatsApp Education Coordinator Ruby Kenward on +44 7830 814625 for details.


At a glance - The Dental Routes Certificate in Dental Implantology:

•    Patient journey and record keeping
•    Ethical and responsible marketing
•    Asepsis and infection control
•    Recent innovations in implant systems
•    Photography
•    Drill protocols
•    Maxillary and mandibular blood supply
•    Sinus anatomy, sinus lift and crestal approaches 
•    Guided bone regeneration and bone biology
•    Surgical and prosthetic guides
•    Radiology and cone beam CT technology
•    Occlusion
•    Soft tissue management
•    Restorative complications
•    Digital dentistry and impression taking
•    Laser dentistry
•    Implant marketing strategies
•    Teamwork and clinical success
•    The Dental Routes mentoring scheme is designed to support the budding implantologist and build the foundations for a mutually beneficial long-term sustainable partnership, to maximise clinical outcomes and enhance the patient journey