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Seven tips on creating your employer profile

Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 27 Apr 2021

Our job seekers regularly tell us that before they apply for a role, they review the employer profile on the site to get an understanding of the company and team. With over 3,500* page views per month and an average time spent on the pages of over one minute*, job seekers are definitely taking an interest in the profiles.

1. Make sure your company name is exact

For example don’t be tempted to abbreviate Balham Dental Care to Balham Dental, since there may be other companies on the site with that name. And if you find that there are other companies with a name similar to yours, for example, Spa Dental, then you could add your location to differentiate yourself - Spa Dental Bristol

2. Add a short description

This will appear in the A-Z recruiter listing page and your job details page. You have 255 characters to summarise key points and benefits from your full description.

3. Complete a full description

Provide a detailed view of your practice and services, highlighting the benefits of working with you. It’s a good idea to add images or video to back up your comments - these could be from patients or employees. Not only will you stand out from competitors, job seekers will likely be more inclined to apply.

4. Contact details

Include full contact and address details, and a link to your website is helpful. That way the applicant can learn more about your company and working environment.

5. Expand on basic background information

Do you have patient ratings or offer specialist services that are worth sharing? If your current team is tenured and friendly, then spell that out. Are your premises and location great and within easy transportation links

6. Outline your credentials

Include the year you were established, alongside any plans you have for the future of your practice. If you have specialist equipment and technology, job seekers will want to hear about it. It’s also a great idea to include some details around your customer base and its loyalty.

7. Employee benefits

If you offer additional perks, then include those. For example, BDA membership, learning and development opportunities, career progression for the role, job seekers appreciate knowing these too


Here's an example using a live profile from BUPA Dental Care on the site:

Employer Profile Example


*Google analytics data July 2019-June 2020

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