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Recruitment agencies: 10 top tips for jobseeking dental professionals

Written by: David Payne
Published on: 6 Mar 2017

If you're thinking of moving jobs, using a recruitment agency can save you time effort, and money:

  1. Agencies get lots of vacancies, so they offer specialist knowledge of an entire market
  2. They can help you decide if your next move should be to a small independent practice, say, or a corporate
  3. If talking money makes you cringe, they can help you negotiate the best salary package
  4. They'll give you feedback about your CV and interview technique if you sometimes struggle to sell yourself
  5. If you're planning to relocate, they will know which employers might contribute towards the costs of moving
  6. If you want to move locally, they will discreetly sound out potential employers
  7. They can tell you if they feel you could be more ambitious and seek more senior positions
  8. They can get you out of your geographical comfort zone by encouraging you to consider other areas
  9. If you're planning to try before you buy, perhaps by seeking a locum position in a new area first, some will offer to help you find temporary accommodation
  10. If you're looking to move overseas, they can advise on visas and regulatory requirements