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A conversation with DR EDDIE COYLE, Clinical Director, Colosseum Dental UK Ltd.



The only UK dental chain to be part of a pan-European network, Colosseum Dental (CD) is challenging perceptions of corporate dentistry. The company is already one of the UK’s largest dental groups and expanding fast through a well-funded programme of mergers and acquisitions. It has currently an 80/20 NHS to private split and is committed to investing generously in its practices and its teams. Optimum patient care is always its priority.

What marks CD out from its competitors?

Our ethos makes us different: in particular our commitment to investing for the long term. We are owned by the investment arm of a charitable trust, the Jacobs Foundation, so we are well funded. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the foundation has donated hundreds of millions of pounds to charitable causes. With practices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, CD is the first pan-European group to operate in the UK.

What is different about the ethos of CD?

Everything we do is about adding value to our stakeholders alike. We have enough money to pay everyone fairly, invest in the clinics, buy the latest dental technology – and bring everything back to patient care. We have a £10 million refurbishment programme underway across all our UK sites, which are in the South of England, East Anglia and the Midlands. The patient experience is at the heart of what we do: we are very, very clear about that. Passion and entrepreneurship are two of our core values and involve everyone, from the dentist to the cleaner.

What you are doing for your associates in the UK?

Creating the right environment with the best technology to deliver great care is crucial to what we do. For instance, we are installing rotary endodontic equipment across all our UK sites. With this technology, our clinicians are able to deliver endodontic procedures more safely and predictably. And we are rewarding performance. If our standards and contract targets are met, we offer dentists a 5% pay reward on top of their Unit of Dental Activity (UDA) rate. The Colosseum Academy covers all of our training and development for our teams from online continuing professional development (CPD), face to face courses and hands on training, and encompasses our teaching facility in Oslo with lecture theatre and fully modern phantom head stations. Supporting development through sponsored education for certificates, diplomas and masters programmes is also available.

How did you arrive at Colosseum Dental?

Over the last 20 years I have worked exclusively in the corporate sector, having been Head of Clinical Operations at Oasis and then Clinical Director for BUPA Dental Care. I have worked closely with the NHS over the years including being part of the team procuring and opening new NHS practices.
I was aware two years ago that Colosseum Dental had bought a large UK-based dental group. Last year I was head-hunted and met the CEO of Jacobs Holding, CD’s controlling shareholder. His vision was one I wanted to sign up to; Jacobs is not building the business to turn it round and sell it, in the way of a traditional private equity house. Jacobs is ambitious for the long-term, having established leading businesses such as Jacobs Suchard and Adecco, the world’s leading HR services firm. Along with senior colleagues I am doing a lot of listening, fixing and collaborating. You are a qualified dentist – does that makes a difference to your role? Very much so. I know how important it is to win the trust of the patient. The relationship between a dentist and the patient is like no other in healthcare; supporting and protecting that relationship is central to our vision. I know that if we invest in the career and educational development of our dentists, we are investing in the welfare and well-being of patients.

How are you managing the Brexit issue?

The much debated and long lamented reality is that no-one knows what is going to happen. We are being pragmatic. We don’t believe that anything will disrupt our healthcare system, so we continue to move forward with recruiting dentists and buying practices. We use top pan-European suppliers and they are being very supportive. Our plan is to double in size in the UK and to be Europe’s largest provider in three years; we don’t currently see any barriers.

What’s it like to be a patient of CD?

It very much depends which country or practice you are in! There is huge diversity across our 300+ practices. In Norway, for instance, we have a practice which has 31 chairs, although others are far smaller. When we acquire a practice, we don’t impose the CD name, branding or capitation scheme. If the practice is working well, we support it as it is. The important aspect is its culture and that it’s a good neighbour in its community. Our aspiration is that, no matter where you are, as a patient you have plenty of choices and enjoy great care by great people in a great environment.

Practice. Made perfect.

At Colosseum, we’re investing millions refurbishing and modernising all 80 of our clinics for both our patients and our staff, just like Nilofer, Dental Nurse at our shiny new Beckton clinic.

Come and join us!

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