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Getting more response to your job listing

Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 1 May 2021

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Here are some tips and advice to help you create a great job ad:

  • Use a clear and succinct job title

It might sound simple but it’s important that the job title is something that job seekers will search for regularly, for example, Associate Dentist, rather than any abbreviations

  • Include a detailed job description

Your job description will for the basis of your job listing and should include exactly what the successful candidate will be doing in the role. List required skills and attributes first and separate them from nice to have skills to give job seekers a clear idea of what is required. And again, don’t use abbreviations

  • State your exact location

Alongside your address and main contact details, it’s good to include transport links, parking information and local amenities. It’ll be clear for candidates that might have difficulty in commuting to you, and save them from applying

  • Include salary information

Many candidates are put off applying for roles where there isn’t an indication of salary. It’s ok to display this as a salary band, and it’ll increase your number of applications

  • Ensure your ad is mobile friendly

In Q1 this year, 66% of our traffic came from mobile devices, so it backs up the theory that job seekers search and apply for roles on the move. That means your ad should be clear, concise sentences and bulleted for ease of reading on a smartphone

  • Highlight your employer brand

We’ve written some tips to help you create your employer page on the site - but the key is for the job seeker to understand what’s great about working with you - so sell the benefits and what initiatives you may have planned for the future. And don’t forget to include what additional employee perks or training opportunities you might also offer

  • Be relevant to our internal search search

The algorithm on our site lists roles by relevance to the keywords that the job seekers enters. The job title will rank highest within the job title field than will in the job description. However if you also add it within  the description, you will rank higher in the listings. For example, if you’re recruiting for an associate position, make sure you put Associate Dentist, as the job title, and then include the words associate, dentist and dental within the description section - remember don’t be tempted to abbreviate

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