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Get more impact from your advertising on our site

Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 8 Oct 2021

As online advertising becomes increasingly important to your business and ours, we’ve been spending time and effort making updates to our ad units and monitoring the results - so that we can demonstrate the success and return on your media spend investment.

In addition to click-through rates on online advertising, the most common reporting metric, we’re also sharing additional metrics, including viewable impressions and the time in-view. These results are equally important in measuring overall campaign performance.

You have probably noticed that our site features three advertising formats, at the head of the page and on both the right and left hand sides of the page on all of the job listing and description pages.


Ad Unit Placement

Ad unit placements on the site

On the right hand side [2] there are up to seven 120x90 static ad units that are served at any one time on job listing pages.  And, on the left hand side [3] of the job description pages there is a 300x250 ad unit. It’s with these two ad unit spaces that we have successfully improved the performance for by amending them to a sticky format. That means that as the user scrolls through the page of listings or through the details of a job description then the ad unit moves down the page with the content - so it’s always viewable.

Excellent results across all metrics

During the test phase there have been significant increases for viewable impressions and in-view time for both ad units on the left and right hand sides - in turn this has resulted in an increased CTR%. So in comparing data from 2019 to 2020, for the 120x90 ads the average viewable impressions, in-time view and click-through rates have increased by 27%, 50% and 150% respectively. For the 300x250 ad units the increases have been 45%, 120% and 12% for the same metrics.

By upgrading the ad units to be sticky, so that they remain in view as the user scrolls down through the content. That ensures your brand has additional exposure and viewability by the user - resulting in better engagement and higher awareness for your message. That means that even if your ad doesn’t generate a higher than average click through rate, message recall is in fact higher from being in view for longer.

Real time data

In comparison to print ads which can only be measured in specific publication issue offline surveys that are usually very infrequent, data from online advertising is immediate. That benefits you by understanding in real-time how your campaign is performing - and means you can make adjustments or add additional creative messaging to test to improve response.
In fact, we would recommend that you produce two creative messages as a minimum for each campaign to adserve head to head so that campaigns can be optimised mid-flight to deliver on the best performing message.

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