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Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 22 Dec 2021

Report Front cover

As a follow up to our report in 2019, we have partnered once again with the BDA to review the UK dental recruitment market.

Key insights

Whether you are recruiting for your team or searching for your next role, this report will able you to:

· Explore the major trends in the dental jobs market · Compare difference by    region and by practice type

· View salary data and patterns

· Discover the challenges to recruiting and retaining dental practitioners

· Review expert market projections for post-pandemic Britain

Access the white paper

To produce the BDJ Jobs Recruitment Whitepaper 2021, we partnered with the British Dental Association. The report draws on research commissioned by the BDJ, BDJ Jobs and the GDC as well as on datasets from the NHS, the BDC, the GDC and BDJ Jobs.