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Demonstrate your thought leadership in the dental sector

Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 7 Jun 2021

An effective way to engage directly with our audience is to produce a sponsored article or blog, and we’ll host it on our site for 12 months. With an average of over 2,000* monthly page views, our career advice section is a well-visited area of our site for dental professionals looking for career support.

There isn’t a limit to the number of words you can write, although best practice for SEO is generally between 500 to 1,000 words - and you can add as many images as you see fit. We’ve seen across our platforms that video and podcast content works harder at engaging users for longer.

Our advice section receives 25% visitors from well-optimised organic search, and in addition, your article will be featured in our quarterly eNewsletter to over 8,000 subscribers** and benefit from organic posts on our LinkedIn and Twitter platforms reaching almost 4,500 followers directly, both of these posts will benefit from a week's paid social activity to boost reader traffic. With your own marketing in addition, you could gain a more qualified readership.

What are the benefits?

BDJ Jobs Sponsored Article Stats

Choose the message that best suits your hiring needs and workplace culture.

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*Google analytics data April 2020-March 2021