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Considering a career in...

Published on: 13 Aug 2018

Help to make the right choice for you 

Considering... A career in community dentistry

The pros and cons of working in community dentistry, is it the right career for you? Interview with Dr Janet Clarke, Clinical Director of Community Dentistry.



Considering... A career in NHS dentistry

GDP Saara Sabir talks about some of the pros and cons of working in NHS dentistry and why she enjoys working within the NHS.



Considering... Specialisation

Considering speciality training in dentistry? Reena Wadia discusses the pros and cons. 


Considering... Specialisation - the consultant's view

Nicholas Lewis, a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, shares his views on the challenges and considerations of going down the specialist route.


Considering... Working abroad

The pros, cons and practicalities of working as a dentist in Australia, by someone who’s tried it.