SPONSORED: Clinical Led Careers with Rodericks

It is common knowledge within dental communities that Rodericks is different than any other dental corporate and what sets Rodericks apart from everyone else is that we are ‘Clinically Led’ and everything that we do is driven by this ethos which supports our vision, mission and values ensuring that we focus on support, development, quality and outstanding performance.

What does ‘clinically led’ really mean? There are two answers to this: the first is simple and it is this, all of the team leaders in Rodericks are either dentists or have significant experience working with dentists.

The Executive team have over 100 years dental experience between them: both Cathie Brady, Chief Clinical Officer and Shalin Mehra, our founder, are both dentists while Dawn Farrell, our Chief Operating Officer, began her career as a dental nurse and Gareth York, our CEO has supported dentistry for many years.

This leads us onto the second answer: At Rodericks we understand patients, we understand dentistry and we understand dentists, from when they first graduate and need additional support in their foundation year, when they gain more confidence and explore the wealth of career possibilities that are available to them, to developing excellent relationships with our Specialists over many years.

Additionally, each member of our team is aligned on our clinically led philosophy and many of the things that we do validate this.

Most of our new dentists join us on recommendation from a friend and from our first conversations with them we are able to demonstrate the level of support that we provide: for example, last year we knew that foundation dentists had their clinical experience cut short by COVID so we created a bespoke ‘FD+1 scheme’ to complement their existing clinical experience and learning because we wanted to pick-up where foundation training left off.

We arranged a complete educational experience for the FD+1 year, including a range of hands-on study days in endodontic therapy, restorative procedures and minor oral surgery and these were complemented by zoom CPD learning events, drop in chats with our clinical team as well as hints and tips, clinical case discussions and one to one discussion on how to give patients options for different treatments as well as providing additional discussions about individual cases, complex treatment planning and patient communication.

All of our clinical team have vast experience in foundation training, education, mentoring and support and so we knew immediately that this would be a huge benefit to this group of dentists. Our feedback has been absolutely fantastic this year and we are now making our FD+1 scheme a permanent fixture for Rodericks.

Throughout each year at Rodericks we organise a varied CPD program at a reduced cost to Rodericks dentists and we are continually developing this based on dentist feedback. We understand that everyone’s Personal Development Plan is different and therefore providing a wide range of CPD encapsulates many different interests and career possibilities, which is our priority and we are currently embracing technology to bring this learning experience alive in your own surgery.

It may take a while for some dentists to decide what their ‘special interest’ is and so our Specialists welcome dentists to observe speciality treatments for example implant placement, minor oral surgery and cosmetic treatments, and they have also helped to support career development by providing bespoke training and mentoring pathways, developing both lifelong skills and friendships all focused on treating our patients in the best possible way.

Of course, it has been a challenge over the last year for everyone involved in the dental profession working with so many changes and uncertainties, however throughout this year we at Rodericks have worked hard to make sure that all of our dentists have been among the first to hear the ‘real news’, with our myth busting communications to our dentists. We involve Rodericks dentists in decisions that we make that affect them at all times they have helped us to choose the large selection of dental materials and equipment that they need and the clinical team is always available to encourage and develop additional services that dentists want to provide as well as helping in your practices to ensure the key messages about your treatments are being seen and heard by your patients.

We have developed many long-term relationships, over the years, with our dentists at Rodericks and being Clinically Led means that we remain focussed on them.

If you are interested in discussing potential opportunities at Rodericks please contact Samantha Adams for a confidential conversation: Samantha.Adams@rodericksdental.co.uk 07769 342752.