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SPONSORED:Be empowered with Rodericks Dental Partners

Published on: 11 Dec 2023

Be empowered with Rodericks Dental Partners

‘Improving lives’ is what we do and we do it together, through quality dentistry

Regardless of your professional journey so far or your future aspirations, it is vital to work with a company that shares your values and passion for excellence in dentistry. It is just as important to have access to career progression opportunities and to receive the support you need to excel. With the right training, encouragement and recognition, every dental professional can build a long, prosperous and enjoyable career in dentistry. All of this is also essential for the delivery of exceptional standards of dentistry and patient care.

Of course, this means working in the right practice and within the right organisation for you. We spoke to Rodericks Dental Partners to find out more about what it means to work in one of their practices…

Who is Rodericks Dental Partners?

Rodericks Dental Partners is a dental group located across England and Wales that takes a clinically-led approach to ensure excellent patient care. The organisation is the result of a merger between the former Rodericks Dental and Dental Partners, who recognised a shared ethos in each other and aligned values for putting patients first. The company today has a network of over 200 practices, offering a combination of NHS and private dental services.

A culture to be proud of

There is a clear and constant drive at Rodericks Dental Partners to foster an environment in which both professionals and patients thrive. Patients are put at the heart of everything the organisation does, from how the practices are run to the support that’s available to elevate clinical standards. A collection of modern technologies and high-quality materials further enable dentists to deliver excellent dentistry, promoting patient comfort at every stage of their journey.

For dentists, this means excellent facilities in which to deliver a high standard of patient care. Practitioners can also enjoy a nurturing environment in which to work and grow. Dentists are empowered to engage with the wider team across the business and to share their ideas for continuous improvement of patient services. They are financially and personally rewarded, with great incentives, recognition and opportunities available to all. A culture of collaboration and support is ingrained within every practice, ensuring that all clinicians have access to the tools they need to care for patients and take their careers to new heights.

Career opportunities

This supportive culture is bolstered by a commitment to personal development for all dentists. The organisation takes a proactive approach to helping clinicians identify the career pathways they desire, plan for them and then realise their ambitions. Individuals are supported personally and professionally, with support in formulating their Personal Development Plans and access to relevant learning events.

As such, there are numerous opportunities for growth available to clinicians at Rodericks Dental Partners. An extensive range of CPD days and external training courses are made available, helping them to advance their skills, fulfil their registration requirements and feed their passion in a range of clinical and non-clinical areas. It doesn’t matter what stage a dentist has reached in their career so far, how many years they have been practising, whether they want to move into a specialist discipline or remain in general practice, Rodericks Dental Partners can help them take the right next steps.

Practitioners are also afforded clinical freedom in the practice, meaning they are always able to offer the highest quality of dental care to each and every patient. Without extensive restrictions dictating what they can and can’t do, clinicians can use their own expertise to determine the most appropriate treatment plans for the patients they see. Dentistry can have an enormous impact on a patient’s quality of life, so ensuring that clinicians have the chance to provide highly tailored care in is essential.

Our focus on clinically-led care is what helps us to improve lives through high-quality dentistry. We empower our colleagues to shape their futures in a way they see fit, with genuine career progression and a positive work-life balance – all the while keeping patients at the very forefront. Our open environments ensure that every person feels respected and supported, at every level. We win together.

First-hand accounts

Here are some comments from professionals who have worked with the organisation over the years:

Dr Dhaval Shah says:

“I’m so passionate about my job that even though some weeks can be a whirlwind of busyness, it doesn’t feel like work. And I think that’s testament to the positive environment we work in, and our focus on the patients.”

Following her FD year, Dr Fiona Mackay reflects on the support she has received:

“Since the start of my FD training, I have had the opportunity to undertake a range of courses. I have attended those for minor oral surgery, composite restorative dentistry and another for periodontology and orthodontics. In some areas I had only touched upon the basics, so it was very useful to learn more comprehensive skills. Best of all, I have already had the opportunity to apply some of these practically. I can’t thank my Educational Supervisor, Carlos Clark, enough.”

Lydia Milkins, Business Development Manager at Rodericks Dental, shares her career progression so far:

“I have had the opportunities to progress that I had been looking for. Working with my practice managers has been an amazing experience, and I look forward to growing further. The organisation provides fantastic support within each department, with a multitude of courses enabling you to be successful within your role.”

Leah Lewis, dental nurse and receptionist, comments:

“Whenever I’ve needed to look at my role or career progression, there has always been someone to talk to – our practice manager is absolutely brilliant! She’s constantly available and very approachable, and she will always find a way to help you. I know there are plenty of career opportunities for me if and when I am ready for a change. We have a really nice practice, with a lovely team who all get on and great patients.”

To find out more about what it’s like to work with Rodericks Dental Partners and to discuss current vacancies, you can visit