Sponsored: Are you free in your dentistry career?

Published on: 22 Nov 2022

An integral part of our award-winning and respected business, Portman dentists say it best when it comes to sharing the benefits of clinical freedom:

“I’m able to practise my way, utilising my existing relationships to maintain the standards my patient list deserves and expects from me.”

“I’m free to do the dentistry that I want to do, for the benefit of my patients and the practice.”

“I’m continuing my career, trusted to perform dentistry the way I believe best. I’m supported to tailor treatments and develop my own approach. I feel respected and valued.”

“The best dentistry is free from unnecessary restraints. I exceed expectations because I’m free to enjoy clinical freedom. I choose my suppliers, materials, treatments and labs and can offer treatments that will reassure my patients and put a smile on their face.”

Of course, it goes without saying that clinical freedom has to go hand in hand with personal, moral and ethical obligations.

Doing so ensures that patients can choose the best care within their budget. As an employer, we believe in supporting our dentists and creating practice environments where they can thrive. Catherine Tannahill, Director of Dentistry says:

“Ensuring our dentists are free to practice their way, and the way they think is best, is paramount to our working relationships. We want our clinicians to work in a way that is proven to put them at ease so that they can enjoy their dentistry and focus on putting our patients first.”

Some dentists are mistaken in thinking they need to run their own practice to experience genuine clinical freedom. By joining Portman Dental Care, dentists are welcomed into a community of professionals who are passionate about dentistry, keen to advance their skills and free to approach procedures and care in the way patients deserve.

The tried and proven approach of clinical freedom reinforces relationships with patients and trusted suppliers. It shows an elevated appreciation for our dentists that can only be achieved when they are trusted to follow their instincts and work in the way they work best. Clinical freedom results in happy dentists who are motivated to continue with a long career, and we have many long careers at Portman Dental Care.

We have opportunities across the UK and currently have exciting vacancies in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Join us, and you’ll work with an established NHS and private patient list from the day you start. And of course, clinical freedom.

To find out more, please visit www.portmandentalcare.com/careers