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A collection on the recruitment and retention crisis in dentistry

Written by: Alison Price
Published on: 26 Jul 2023


A series of articles has been collated and published on the BDJ site covering aspects of the recruitment and retention crisis that the sector is facing.


In this article Shaun Sellars reviews information covered in the national and dental press in both NHS and private practices and discovers how recruitment is affecting both. 
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Is it harder to recruit and retain staff in some areas of England? Shaun Sellers discusses challenges in different parts of country.
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The dental workforce recruitment and retention crisis in the UK

This article provides a deep dive into the state of the UK dental sector and examines challenges that need to be overcome to restore the industry.
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Author Q&A: Deborah Evans

This interview with Deborah Evans examines the issues and plans in place to improve the declining workforce situation in the dentistry sector.
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Recruitment and retention in dentistry in the UK: a scoping review to explore the challenges across the UK, with a particular interest in rural and coastal areas

The objective of this article is to explore what is known or unknown about dental recruitment and retention in the UK. It particularly focuses on coastal and rural areas
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