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Watch the BDJ Jobs recruitment webinar

Published on: 20 May 2022

Watch the BDJ Jobs recruitment webinar:

In this BDJ Jobs webinar, our expert panel from across the dental sector will discuss the state of recruitment in the UK dental sector. Our moderator, Stephen Hancocks, will lead the discourse by posing questions arising from the whitepaper analysis and will be joined by Tom King, the whitepaper author. The conversation will inevitably include views on the challenges posed by the pandemic and Brexit and how the recovery is shaping up. It will also cover trends within the workforce both in NHS and private practice, working practises and the future of dental education. Additionally, discussion on the declining number of dental nurses will be covered, and the likely struggle that this will impose. Whatever role you hold within the sector, this webinar will include insights relevant to you and your colleagues. 

Webinar presenters and panel 2022

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